Installing a kitchen has never been so easy.

We help to remove your old kitchen, install a new one, and find a plumber and electricians.
We can also be of help in finding a suitable manufacturer corresponding exactly to your needs.
We take measurements of the kitchen and recommend technical solutions.

Advice and consultation upon ordering new kitchen/furniture

By ordering a comprehensive solution that includes furniture and installation you don’t have to worry about unexpected circumstances that may arise during work.

Our team is able to find quick solutions and co-ordinates them with the customer. We help to bring the customer together with the manufacturer suitable for the customer by taking the latter’s wishes into account.

No need to worry about unexpected circumstances

Finding quick solutions

Finding a suitable manufacturer

Taking the customer’s wishes into account

Removing your old furniture

Although the removal of old furniture is not exactly nuclear physics, if you are living in the city, own a small car, or use public transport, this can still turn into an arduous task.

We can be of help in the disassembly and removal of your old kitchen, sorting hazardous waste and non-hazardous waste separately.

This way you can protect the environment and plan the renovation of the kitchen in peace.

Measuring your kitchen

At first, measuring and planning a kitchen may seem easy―you take a tape measure, measure the walls, and the rest will be done by the manufacturer.

Modern kitchens are very complicated―you have to consider various factors such as water, electricity, ventilation, plus the peculiarities of the room, and the customer’s wishes.

To prevent problems and expenses later on, we recommend you hire experts who perform the tasks at hand, provide a warranty, and give tips and advice of their own.


We are very happy that our customers are always satisfied with our work.

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